Raising Dick and Jane: Having a Bunch of Easter Fun with @Lindt_Chocolate #Spon

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Having a Bunch of Easter Fun with @Lindt_Chocolate #Spon

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lindt which provided me with free product to use in my creation process. 
#ad #LindtGOLDBUNNY White Truffle Cupcakes

Easter is almost here and it is one of my favorite holidays! Every year my family hosts a HUGE Easter egg hunt in our backyard and we invite all of our extended family plus everyone in the neighborhood to join us. It always turns out to be a great time of socializing and spring time fun after the long winter months. This year I am planning a few special things for the big event and lucky you, you're getting a sneak peek!

Before I show you all the fun we will be having this Easter, let me show you a way you can have some fun of your own right now. Starting today you can join Lindt on Facebook for your very own virtual scavenger hunt. Through the game you can have fun building your own Better Easter Basket with the #LindtGOLDBUNNY and friends. By playing you can win prizes for yourself and help Lindt donate money to the Autism Speaks program.

Why do I support Lindt? For the sixth consecutive year, Lindt is partnering with Autism Speaks to help raise money and awareness for the cause.  Since April is Autism Awareness month, Lindt will support Autism Speaks via a number of different initiatives and throughout the Easter season.  Click here to learn more.


This year I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a Better Easter Basket. I wanted something that I could hide along with all of the other eggs and have it be one BIG surprise egg at the end of the hunt. The only problem was, I couldn't find an egg large enough to be able to fill with all of the Lindt goodies I wanted to include. Turns out, that's not a problem after all. All I needed to create a large egg shaped better Easter basket was some glue, water, newspaper and a balloon.

Adults only craft

To create a large egg I simply ripped up a few long strands of newspaper. Next, I blew up a balloon to the size I wanted my egg and tied it off to keep the air inside. Then, I mixed 2 parts white glue to 1 part water and stirred. I dipped the newspaper into the glue solution and wrapped the balloon in the soaked newspaper, covering the balloon completely. I layered several newspaper scraps on top of each other and repeated this several times. I left the one end open for filling. I then allowed the newspaper to dry completely.

After 24 hours and after the newspaper has dried completely, I popped the balloon. What is left is a hollow, egg shaped shell. Next, I painted the shell with gold paint and allowed it to dry again.

Finally, I added a few accents such as googly eyes and other facial markings using a marker (to make it more fun looking!).

The bunny can now be filled with goodies and the open end covered with tape or more newspaper to keep everything from falling out. Tip: I left the open end of my egg on the bottom so it could be easily hidden.


Now, what's a party without treats? I wanted to come up with something different to bring to the party this year. Cupcakes are usually my go to treat for parties, but I wanted a more gourmet cupcake this time around. You know like the ones you get at the bakery that are filled with a little something extra in the center? Well I figured it out! Today, while snacking on some LINDOR truffles, I came up with a way to get that creamy center filled cupcake that I sought after! Good news, its super easy!

#ad #LindtGOLDBUNNY White Truffle Cupcakes recipe

 White Truffle Cupcakes

1/2 c. softened butter
1 & 1/2 c. all purpose flour
1 & 1/3 c. sugar
1 & 1/4 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. milk
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
12 Spring LINDOR truffles
1 Lindt 85% cocoa EXCELLENCE bar for garnish

Frosting: http://bit.ly/1jnJ1UO

#ad Lindt White Truffle Cupcake

Combine softened butter, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together in a large bowl. Beat on low until combined thoroughly. Slowly add in both eggs and mix. Add milk and vanilla, combine until smooth. Pour mixture into cupcake liners within a cupcake tray and bake at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes or until browned and tested with a toothpick.

Once baked, remove from pan and set on a cooling rack. Using a small spoon, remove the center from the cupcake and add a LINDOR truffle into the hole you've made. Do this while they are slightly still warm and it will melt into the cake. Once the cupcakes are completely cooled, frost the cupcakes, grate chocolate bar on top of the frosting and serve.

#ad White Truffle Cupcake

Doesn't that look good?

Now, let's take a look at how everything is coming together. My plan for the event is to use gold chevron and pair it with turquoise accents. That's spring-y enough right? Even if it's not, I love the color combination! I pulled together some things I had around the house and made one super cute tablescape. I just can't wait for the actual party! I'm so ready!


Are you ready to have some fun? Join Lindt, myself and hundreds of others on April 8th from 9-10pm EST as we share tips for building the perfect Easter basket, discuss Easter family traditions, and trade Easter dinner recipe ideas.  Follow Lindt on Twitter @Lindt_Chocolate along with the hashtags #LindtGOLDBUNNY and #gno to take part in the conversation!

#ad A Better Easter Basket Paper Mache Bunny

What's your favorite Easter tradition? Share with us!

<3 Dick and Jane