Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Sized Fun with an Impromptu Cookie Baking Party

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Hi friends! What a great (and busy) weekend we had. Between the kids' church concerts, breakfast with Santa and our impromptu cookie party, I don't even feel like I had a weekend! But that is the joy of the holidays. . spending time together and I love it. 

Every year my sisters and I try to get together at our mothers house and have a cookie making day with the kids. It is a wonderful time and has become a tradition between us. This year, things have been so busy that we didn't think we would have time for our special day. However, none of us could imagine just letting it pass us by. So Saturday, despite the winter colds, kids with pink eye and everything else that was going on, we decided to put aside a few hours and bake some holiday cookies together. 

We didn't have tons of time so while the kids were baking and decorating cookies I put some food in the oven to feed the hungry crowd. There was no room (or time) to create a meal so I was happy to have Stouffers party sized entree's on hand from Walmart! Quick and easy!

Stouffers Boxes #HolidayReady #shop #cbias

We spent a couple of hours creating fun cookies that the kids were ever so tempted to devour. Keeping them from eating all of the cookies on the spot was not an easy task. However, we were able to save the cookies for our Christmas party by offering them an even sweeter sweet after dinner if they could refrain. They accepted my challenge, but were still caught sneaking their fingers into the frosting once in awhile for a quick taste. 

While the kids were busy decorating their cookies like Picasso, I stepped away for a moment to put together my own sweet creation for an after dinner treat. I used some of the left over sugar cookie dough and created something new. . Peppermint Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. The kids went nuts over these. Here is how I made them. 

Peppermint Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches #HolidayReady #shop #cbias


Use Nestle's sugar cookie cut-out recipe found on their website: http://www.meals.com

Cookie Baking Party #HolidayReady #shop #cbias

(click here for recipe)

Edys Ice Cream Sandwiches #HolidayReady #shop #cbias



- Edy's Peppermint Wonderland Ice Cream
- Baked & Cooled Sugar Cookies
- Frosting
- Crushed Candy Canes


Begin by taking two cooled sugar cookies. Scoop softened peppermint ice cream into the center and squish down just a bit, scrape off the excess. Top the sandwich with frosting and crushed candy cane. Place the sandwiches in a freezer safe dish and freeze until the ice cream has hardened. Serve chilled.

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This method can be done with any style ice cream. We also used Edy's Egg Nog ice cream and made some sandwich cookies that the adults especially loved!

I am so glad that we made time for our special cookie day family tradition. I would have been so sad if we hadn't made time to get together.

Do you have a special family tradition? Are you finding it hard to make time this year for traditions? How do you make time? Tell us about it!

Check out this digital magazine for even more great ideas for the holidays with Nestle. Who knows. It might help spark an idea for a new family tradition.

The best part of the holidays is spending time together. 
<3 Dick and Jane

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