Raising Dick and Jane: DIY Fairy Doors #TBCcrafters

Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY Fairy Doors #TBCcrafters

A few years back I found a fairy door on etsy, bought it and nailed it to a tree in our yard while the kids were away for the day. The kids returned to find the fairy door and were excited by its "magic". Ever since this day we have been finding ways to welcome more fairies to our home by making their home beautiful and comfortable. If you ever get a chance to visit Ann Arbor, Michigan it is said that there are small fairy doors hidden all over the town. I have not yet seen it myself, but I plan to go when the weather warms up and see what I can find. Until then, I will just have to create my own "Fairy Village" in my backyard. I have a set of trees that is perfect for creating a little neighborhood of homes.
I decided to try and build an inexpensive fairy door myself that the kids could help personalize themselves. We came up with a door made out of Popsicle sticks and modge podge. They turned out pretty good. I do have a few changes I would make and will note them as we go through the directions.

You will need:
Popsicle Sticks
Modge Podge
Something to use as a doorknob (button, dowel, etc)
A small hook for attaching it to the tree
How to create your own fairy door:
Begin by laying out your Popsicle sticks to the size you desire your door. I made a few wider than others because not all doors are the same. Carefully while holding the sticks in place add modge podge to the sticks to keep them in place. Be careful to not add too much your first time or you will glue your sticks to the table. Re-apply several coats to both sides once they dry.
Once the door is completely dry you can paint it and add your door knob using hot glue. You will also want to add a hook to the back using your glue gun to attach your door to the tree.  I made the mistake of trying to nail through the door into the tree. . bad idea. I lost two doors because they split and fell apart from the nail.
When you are happy with the way your door looks, go outside and find the perfect spot to build your village. Stack them to build apartments or hide them for a fun little secret passage. Don't forget to stack up a few rocks to help create some "curb appeal". You can also find little white picket fences at a craft store to give your door a more inviting look.
Fairy Dust
<3 Dick and Jane