Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Sugar Detox Experiment

The other day I read the most interesting article about a family who gave up sugar in their diets for an entire year. I had never really thought about it before and I'm not sure why, but we really do eat way to much sugar in my family (me especially). I absolutely LOVE sugar. If you've ever been on my Instagram feed you have more than likely seen a photo of a sugar filled treat that was freshly coming out of my kitchen. This happens at least a couple of times a week. Like I said. . love me some sugar!

Despite our infatuation with sugar, I would consider my family as having a pretty good and healthy diet. We eat our fruits and veggies and have a well rounded diet. However, much like the author of this article, I too find myself without any energy on most days. My family, as you may have noticed, gets sick quite often too. After reading this article I was extremely intrigued and curious about what effects added sugar could really be having on MY family. So guess what? I have decided that I am going to give this sugar detox a try too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Savings Ideas with LED Power #LEDSavings #shop

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Spring Savings Ideas #LEDSavings #shop #Cbias

This year, along with spring cleaning my home, I have decided to "spring clean" my bills as well. Over the last few years it just seems like our family is over-spending. Where does all of our money go? We should be further ahead than we are. . all of these questions have been building up in my head over the last few months. So last week I sat down to really take a look at our spending.

To get started, I asked myself a few simple questions.

- What are we spending our money on?
- Is what we are spending our money on a necessity?
- How can we cut back on our spending?

After going through our outgoing payments I came to the realization that I could easily make some changes. Here are a few ways I have decided to cut back on my families spending and the savings I am expecting in return.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Frozen Yogurt Dots and a New Product from @Stonyfield #ad

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@Stonyfield #ad #Yo-Getters pouches

 As many of you know, this was not the spring break I had hoped for. I last talked about on the blog how sick my entire family has been. However, the good news is that we are all on the mend, feeling better, and spending today outside! I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful the sun feels to me right now as I sit writing this on my back terrace.

When the kids got sick I did my best to feed them foods that would help them get over this bug as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse than having sick kids. One food that I know of that is good for keeping our bodies healthy is yogurt. Yogurt is full of probiotics which help the good bacteria in our tummies thrive. My kids needed this, especially now that they are on antibiotics.