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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rock the Lunchbox {GIVEAWAY} #ad #rockthelunchbox

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Rock the Lunchbox #ad

Are you beginning to fall back into a school time routine? Or just about to go back to school? How are lunches going? Falling back into the same old routine with those too? Kids complaining about not wanting yet another pb&j tomorrow? Hey, it's ok. We've all been there! We want our kids to eat well while they are away at school, however the options can just seem so limited. Not anymore! Rock the Lunchbox is here to help. Rock the Lunchbox is a nation wide campaign ready to help you jump start the school with fresh and tasty lunchbox ideas. They're here to help you find a match between what our kids want and what's healthy for our kids to eat.

As we started to plan for back to school lunches, I asked each of them to draw me a picture of their perfect meal. This is what they gave me.

Rock the Lunchbox #ad

Friday, August 29, 2014

Can the Butterflies Last? The Importance of Feeling Wanted in Marriage

I don't normally write about things I don't know very well and marriage to me (even though I have been married for over 9 years) is still something I just don't feel like I'm a pro at. There is so much emotion, conflict, changes and decisions involved in marriage. Each one is different and constantly evolving. How do you talk about something "as a matter of fact" that is so complex? You can't. So today I wanted to open my blog up to a conversation about marriage. I am hoping to share with you a story and have you share with me your thoughts. Since every marriage is different, there is no right way or right answer. However, maybe, just maybe we can learn from each other and find new ways to internalize some of the thoughts presented here.

Do you remember what it felt like when you first met your spouse? That feeling of passion and the feeling of wanting to be with them all of the time? The rush of emotions you felt when they entered the room? How do you hold on to those feelings AFTER you've said "I do"? How do you make that feeling of being wanted last? By being "wanted" I mean having the feeling that someone still wants to be with you and hang out with you, even when they don't have to.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mommy's Back to School List with TMobile Free Data #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #shop

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Mommy's back to school list #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #shop

This is it, back to school time. Time to get supplies purchased, clothes ready and start trying to go to bed at a reasonable time again. Back to school time for most kids means excitement about seeing their friends, joining up with sports teams and the beginning again of after school get togethers. However, what back to school time means for me (a mother) is that my laid back summer schedule is now gone. Here comes the hectic mornings, fast paced days and what am I going to make for dinner nights. This year, however, while the kids were all picking out their back to school supplies at Walmart, I made my way over to the tech counter and picked up my own "back to school supplies". I decided that what I needed this year was a way to keep up on top of my work/blog while being everywhere that I needed to be, especially now that my kids are getting older and more active and my blog is becoming more of a lifestyle for me. So while I was at the tech counter at Walmart I decided to purchase the new TMobile 4G tablet. Have you seen this tablet yet? It is super cool. 

#TabletTrio #CollectiveBias #shop