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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Best Halloween Destinations {Sandusky, Ohio}

#ad Cedar Point Halloweekends

Tomorrow is October 1st? Are you ready to start some Halloween fun? Maybe you are looking for something that takes place in a controlled environment and is perfect for both kids and adults of all ages? Maybe something that's just a little bit scary during the day and a whole lot of scary at night?  I mean, mom's and dad's like to have a little bit of Halloween fun too, right? If all of these things are what you and your family are looking for this season then take another look at Sandusky Ohio's greatest gem, Cedar Point!

Every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday from now until November 1st, Cedar Point is bringing you Halloweekends; a haunted island carnival.

#ad Cedar Point Halloweekends

During the day Halloweekends is geared towards a younger audience with in park trick-or-treating, age appropriate rides, dressed up snoopy characters, corn mazes, a parade and more. Plus, all of this is added to Cedar Point's already amazing good times and world renown roller-coasters! My kids had a blast going on the kiddie rides in Planet Snoopy and hugging all of the characters as we found them around the park.

#ad Cedar Point Hallo Weekends Parade

However, as soon as the sun starts to set you will want to put those babies to bed because Cedar Point changes face to one truly freaky event.You'll know when it's coming. As the sun starts to set over the park the music will change to a more erie tone, the carnival lights will start to blink overhead and the faces in the crowd will start to change from happy park goers into glimpses of misshapen clowns. If you stay on the beaten path you should be ok, but one wrong turn and you could find yourself in total darkness with creatures lurking around you and carnEVIL ring leaders beckoning you fall in deeper.

If you like to be scared you'll be happy to find several different freak shows and haunted houses to make you quiver. Each of them is already included in your park pass for the day. <--- that's a great value!

#ad Fun at Halloweekends Cedar Point

Don't like to be scared? That's ok, you can still enjoy the Cedar Point nightlife with your favorite rides, great food & drinks (yes, they serve beer!) and their totally entertaining Halloweekends cirque shows which take place outdoors in the middle of the park. My favorite of them all was the Skeleton Crew, it took my breath away even more than the coasters! <-- I know, that's hard to believe.

#ad Night shows at Halloweekends

After a fun filled evening and restful night in the in park hotel, Hotel Breakers, we were able to take the morning to rest on the beaches of Lake Erie; only a short walk out the back of the hotel. I mean, where else you can you find entertainment for the whole family AND a beautiful view? This place has got it all.

#ad Cedar Point Lake Erie

Don't forget that September through October is a great time to re-visit destinations that you have been to before because they may look a bit different and have new exciting opportunities to experience during the holiday. It is also a great time to check out new places that are offering Halloween inspired activities. But I'll make the announcement now, Cedar Point Halloweekends, is definitely going on my list of "must go" places again for 2015. Maybe next year I will gather up enough guts to go on some of the bigger rides (doubt it). This year I stuck with my tried and true favorites, the iron dragon, the gemini and the mine ride.

What is your favorite Cedar Point ride? 

-----> Remember to stick around because during the next few weeks leading up to Halloween I am going to share with you some of my favorite Halloween Destinations. Many of these are family oriented places that offer something extra in light of the Halloween season. It's going to be super fun! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Southwestern Style Pita Chip Recipe #MortonSaltGirl100

Today, Raising Dick and Jane would like to wish the Morton Salt Girl a happy 100th birthday! As many of you know I absolutely adore vintage marketing and this salt girl epitomizes it. Plus, how super cool is it that she has been around for 100 years now? That definitely says something about the company and the brand.

This last weekend, In honor of the salt girl, we decided to throw a dinner party and serve handmade salted pita chips along with other various other Mexican style foods. The salted pita chips were such a hit with our party guests that we decided to make that the focus of our post today and show you how we made them. Seriously, because it couldn't be any easier!

#ad #MortonSaltGirl100 Homemade Salted Pita Chips

Friday, September 26, 2014

Door to Door Organics Giveaway

 Door to Door Organics Graphic

This Giveaway is Hosted by Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life. All photo's and information has been provided by Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life and released for publishing on my site. 
One lucky winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Door to Door Organics
**Winner must be in the delivery area in order to win so please verify you are in the delivery area here before applying**

Many of you have heard me speak about Door to Door Organics before. It is a food delivery service that I use and love! When Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life blog approached me about helping her share this giveaway with my readers, I jumped on the chance. Not because I am getting anything in return for sharing it (because I'm not), but because I want to give all of you the opportunity to give this program a try for yourselves. Eating fresh, GMO free produce is important and this program couldn't make it any easier for busy moms, like us, to make that happen for our families.  - Mary, Raising Dick and Jane

  Eating well has never been easier with Door to Door Organics delivering farm fresh food right to your front door. When Door to Door Organics first started they were delivering fruits and vegetables but much has changed since they first started operating. Now you can order grocery items to add to your produce deliveries. Delivery is based on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule but if you are free to skip a delivery at anytime. There are no penalties for doing so.